Is There Such a Thing as Organic Honey?

Now more than ever, consumers are worried about what is getting put into their bodies. Are you eating organic? Are you taking in the wrong nutrients? When it comes to honey, is the stuff you are getting actually organic? Simply put – no. There is no such thing as organic honey. Because bees go all […]

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Spring: A Busy Time to Be a Honey Bee

Like Santa Claus awaits December, the honey bee awaits spring. The busiest time of year to be a bee is the springtime. Now that spring has officially sprung, the activity level in a bee colony is high. When the weather begins to change from winter to spring, the colony begins building up its stash of […]

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Happy Anniversary to Us

Thank You for Your Support! We are proud to announce the first anniversary of our retail location. A huge thank you to all of our loyal customers for making it a great year! As part of our mission, Georgia Honey Farm is committed to supplying the best quality raw and natural honey. In celebration, we would like […]

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Seven Health Benefits of Raw Honey

Raw honey from Georgia Honey Farm has the potential to provide you with a number of health benefits. It seems like every year reveals a newly discovered health benefit of raw honey for the human body. If you are looking for a simple way to potentially help your body function better, try raw honey. You […]

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Try Local Honey for Allergy Relief

Do you suffer from severe allergies? Every allergy sufferer, even those with seasonal allergies, experiences some type of discomfort and annoyance during allergy season. If you live in Georgia, allergy season can be year round instead of just seasonal. Thankfully, there is a better allergy solution out there that doesn’t leave you drowsy. Give local […]

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Natural Honey vs. Processed Honey. What’s really honey?

More and more, Americans are turning to honey as a healthier alternative to table sugar or processed sweeteners. They choose honey over these mainstream sweeteners because they recognize honey to be a simple, natural ingredient. What many probably don’t know, however, is that not all honey is really honey, with the many benefits we’ve come […]

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Honey in its Purest Form: Eating Raw Honeycomb

The honey contained in the comb may actually be more beneficial than regular honey, because it contains about 12% less water than liquid honey that’s been exposed to air, making it more concentrated.

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Georgia Honey Farm Store Grand Opening!

Georgia Honey Farm’s first retail store will hold it’s Grand Opening on Friday, April 11th at 10 am EST.  We are located at:   3000 Old Alabama Road Suite 111 Alpharetta, GA 30022   We look forward to serving all your honey needs soon! To see more pictures of our new location, please like our […]

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Retail Location Coming Soon!

Georgia Honey Farm is excited to announce the opening of their first retail store! The retail store will offer the same raw and natural honey that Georgia Honey Farm has been producing for over 15 years. The new retail location is expected to open next month and will be located at 3000 Old Alabama Road, […]

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Honey Helps Manage Allergies

During the seasons of spring and summer, many American experience a dramatic increase in their allergy symptoms. It has been found that daily consumption of raw and local honey can help build immunity against seasonal allergies. There are many conventional medications used to treat allergies but these come with their own side effects. Antihistamines can […]

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