Natural Honey vs. Processed Honey. What’s really honey?

More and more, Americans are turning to honey as a healthier alternative to table sugar or processed sweeteners. They choose honey over these mainstream sweeteners because they recognize honey to be a simple, natural ingredient. What many probably don’t know, however, is that not all honey is really honey, with the many benefits we’ve come to associate with the food.

Most of the honey you’d find on the shelves of a typical US grocery store has been either filtered or pasteurized to remove pollen or other aspects of the raw honey. This means that you’ll find little to no pollen present in the product.

The problem here is that by removing the pollen, companies have also removed the many health benefits that make people seek out honey in the first place. Additionally, removing the pollen removes the ability to identify where the honey came from and if it’s safe to eat. Pollen also contains protein and amino acids that are good for your body, so these fake honeys also offer less nutritional value.

Your best bet is always to choose a raw honey that hasn’t been filtered or pasteurized, or honey from a local farm you trust like Georgia Honey Farm. This will ensure that what you’re eating is indeed safe and has all the health benefits you’ve come to expect.

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