Georgia Honey Farm has been in the beekeeping industry for over 27 years. Our team is composed of competent beekeepers who dedicate their time and know-how to create the best conditions for our honey bees to be able to produce the finest honey for you.

Georgia Honey Farm’s raw and unfiltered honey varieties are affordable and available locally. We also offer shipping for orders from anywhere in the United States. Do you have a loved one in the army? Send them some honey love as we also ship to APO’s.

If you want to buy gift jars and send them as a wedding, birthday or holiday present, then you can do that through our shipping service too.

Georgia Honey Farm is constantly striving to come up with unique and unparalleled versions of raw and unfiltered honey to meet your needs and standards. Our honey is neither pasteurized nor ultra-filtered so that you can get all the benefits from honey that you’ve heard health buffs and honey connoisseurs buzzing about.

We are also doing our best to promote the honeymaking industry as a whole through our products. We acknowledge the significance of the beekeeping industry in this economy, and take pride in being part of it.

So buy locally and support a company dedicated to keeping the beekeeping industry alive!