Sourwood Honey is Sweet!

Sourwood honey is highly regarded by honeymakers and connoisseurs alike. That’s because sourwood rarely grows nowadays, and is indigenous to the Southern Appalachians that run across the regions of Northern Georgia and Northwestern Carolina. Sourwood trees grow from 40 to 60 feet from the months of June to July. Its flowers are white and bell-shaped, which dangles from its branches in clusters a foot long.

Our sourwood honey is produced from our bee farms in Blue Ridge and Allegheny Mountains. It is harvested from bee hives during the end of June. Honey supers are added to it to keep the honey in its purest state.

The quality of sourwood honey is deemed unparalleled by honey enthusiasts which is why it commands a premium market price. The honey comes in a white or light amber color marred by a light, grayish tint and its texture is marked by a creamy smooth quality.

Floral overtones and hints of a variety of baking spices are characteristic of its full-bodied honey flavor. Another thing that’s characteristic of sourwood honey is its warm, spicy aroma.