Try Local Honey for Allergy Relief

Do you suffer from severe allergies? Every allergy sufferer, even those with seasonal allergies, experiences some type of discomfort and annoyance during allergy season. If you live in Georgia, allergy season can be year round instead of just seasonal. Thankfully, there is a better allergy solution out there that doesn’t leave you drowsy. Give local honey a try this year before upping your medication dosage and you might see surprising results. More and more medical studies are discovering that locally sourced honey has trace amounts of pollen. 

Consuming local honey may have similar effects as allergy shots. Allergy shots administered by a physician slowly expose you to small amounts of what your body is most allergic to. As time passes, your body builds up a resistance to what you are most allergic to and no longer reacts. Local honey works the same way. If you add it to your diet every day, and the honey is from your local area, you build up a resistance to allergens you are exposed to each day. 

Georgia Honey Farm, located in the North Georgia Mountains, supplies consumers with the highest quality raw honey on the market. If you live in the state of Georgia, or in the southern part of North Carolina, consuming local honey on a regular basis can potentially alleviate your allergies. Because local honey is cultivated from bees that pollinate the area surrounding your home, it exposes you to small amounts of pollen from your area. Bees pollinate the trees, grass, and weeds surrounding your home so they are exposed to the allergens which cause your reactions. 

If you have allergies that are bad in the spring or in the fall, it is recommended you use raw, local honey that is harvested in the season that causes you the most issues. Raw, local honey works for pollen allergies which is triggered in 10 to 30 percent of the population. If you suffer from allergies, give local honey a shot. You just might find relief!

Georgia Honey Farm brings pure, raw, and natural honey from our hives in the North Georgia Mountains, to your home. Our company bottles and distributes only the purest and freshest honey. If you are looking for the best raw and natural honey, visit our website or contact us at 470-268-7941.