Code of Ethics

  • We will sell or supply only the honey that may be helpful to consumers who seek to maintain or improve physical fitness and good nutrition, or seek to correct nutritional deficiencies.
  • We will not knowingly sell or supply honey that contain harmful chemical food additives or artificial ingredients that are alien to the recognized concept of natural foods, nor will we knowingly deal in products that are untruthfully labeled.
  • We will not engage in false or misleading advertising.
  • We will support all public measures that protect the environment, safeguard our natural resources and improve the quality of life.
  • We will cooperate with all professional, educational, civic, and consumer organizations that support greater nutritional information and consumer rights.
  • In pursuit of this code and these goals, we will defend our First Amendment right of freedom of speech and press to impart truthful information concerning diet and nutrition and will defend the health freedom right of consumers to obtain such data from the sources that they may choose.