Is Honey Better Than Sugar?

When consuming sugar or honey, which is better for your body? Although honey is made of sugar, honey comes out on top when put against sugar. While both impact blood sugar levels, honey breaks down slower so sugar levels don’t escalate as quickly as if you take in just sugar. To many, honey has a better flavor than sugar when added to foods you traditionally supplement with sugar. Try honey in coffee, yogurt, and even in baked goods.


What Does Your Body Do with Sugar?
When you take in sugar, your body works to break it down and convert it into energy. Regular sugar is just made of just sucrose, but honey is made up of less complex molecules. Instead of being just sucrose, honey is actually broken down into simple sugars fructose and fructose.


Honey Has a Better GI Rating
Because the body can directly absorb sugar from honey, it rates better on the Glycemic Index (GI). A better GI means your body has a gradual and healthier digestion process. Whatever sugar your body does not use right away is stored for later when the body needs energy.

Sugar has a higher GI rating, which does impact diabetics as well. It is important to note honey is not a solution for diabetics and neither sugar nor honey will keep blood sugar levels down.


Choose Raw Honey
Once you’ve made the decision to use honey rather than sugar, be sure you stick with raw honey. Raw honey contains a number of vitamins, enzymes, nutrients, and antioxidants. At Georgia Honey Farm, we produce the highest-quality pure, raw and natural honey to support your health and well-being. White sugar does not have these benefits at all. Other benefits of choosing honey over sugar include:

• Honey is sweeter than sugar so you use a smaller amount
• Honey doesn’t absorb into the bloodstream as quickly
• The taste of honey is preferable to many
• Choosing a natural item that isn’t processed