Seven Health Benefits of Raw Honey

Raw honey from Georgia Honey Farm has the potential to provide you with a number of health benefits. It seems like every year reveals a newly discovered health benefit of raw honey for the human body. If you are looking for a simple way to potentially help your body function better, try raw honey. You have nothing to lose and you may experience some or all of the following health benefits.

  1. Reducing cough and throat irritation
    If your throat is irritated or you find yourself coughing a lot, try raw honey. Honey is found to relieve coughing in both adults and children. This is why you often seen honey-flavored cough drops!

  3. Helping to regulate blood sugar
    Honey does contain simple sugars but because it is a naturally occurring sugar, it is easier on your body that other sweeteners. The combination of simple sugars in honey can help regulate blood sugar.

  5. Improving the appearance of your skin
    When used in a face wash or with other ingredients, raw honey can moisturize and nourish your skin.

  7. Exposing your body to friendly bacteria
    The human body is only able to function thanks to friendly bacteria throughout the body. Raw honey is a probiotic and may expose you to good bacteria your body needs.

  9. Easing the symptoms of the common cold
    As your body fights off an infection from the common cold, ingesting honey can help ease your symptoms. If membranes in your body are swelling, honey may decrease this.

  11. Serving as a source of energy
    For even the most sensitive of stomachs, honey can serve your body as a source of energy. It is a pure, natural substance your body has no trouble breaking down.

  13. Providing you with vitamins and minerals
    Certain raw honey options are a source of natural vitamins and minerals. The amount you get depends on the flowers that created the honey. Commonly, honey has calcium, vitamin C, and iron.

Georgia Honey Farm brings pure, raw, and natural honey from our hives in the North Georgia Mountains to your home. Our company bottles and distributes only the purest and freshest honey. If you are looking for the best raw and natural honey, visit our website or contact us at 470-268-7941.