Sour Honey versus Sourwood Honey

Are you interested in trying honey from different flowers? One popular type of honey available is sourwood honey, which is not to be confused with “sour” honey you could have heard about in the news lately. Sourwood honey is derived from the Sourwood tree whereas “sour” honey is an internet fad that isn’t an actual type of honey.

The Myth of Sour Honey

Last year, a rumor started online about the medicinal effects of sour honey. This myth began when a form of sour honey, harvested from a remote area in the Brazilian jungle, was rumored to be a cure for cancer. The rumor made claims it could even cure late-stage cancer in patients. Although this sounds wonderful, and it would be great if it were true, it is not founded in fact.

There is a substance created by bees which does generate a sour taste. The substance known as Propolis is a byproduct created by bees to fill gaps and cracks on the inside of the hive. Propolis stops microbes from spreading, limits fungi growth, and even protects the colony over the winter. When consumed, this does have a bit of a sour taste. It does not treat cancer and is not a known cure for cancer.

What is Sourwood Honey?

Sourwood honey has a distinct taste that many honey lovers call their favorite type. It comes from the Sourwood tree, which is indigenous to the Southern Appalachians that run across the regions of Northern Georgia and Northwestern Carolina. Not only is the tree quite rare, it has an exceptionally short bloom period from June to August, providing a brief window of time in which beekeepers can bring their colonies to collect nectar from the flowers.

In addition to the short bloom time, sourwood trees are sensitive to rain and also sunlight. Not enough or too much and there will be no sourwood honey during that year. Sourwood honey has a number of unique features which make it extremely special. These include:

  • Extra light or light amber in color
  • An extremely strong smell
  • Tastes of anise and spices
  • Sweetness which is persistent
  • A strong aftertaste, some say reminds them of gingerbread
  • A light, soft texture

Try Sourwood Honey for Yourself

While sour honey is not something you can try, get your hands on some sourwood honey! Choose a brand you trust because to properly harvest sourwood a beekeeper must be trained for harvesting this honey. If you are a honey connoisseur, see if you think sourwood is the best tasting honey on the market!

You can purchase our sourwood honey online, visit us at our retail store in Alpharetta, Georgia or contact us at 470-268-7941. Georgia Honey Farm is committed to supplying you with the highest quality raw honey on the market for all your healthy-living needs.